At their meeting Thursday morning, the Lubbock City Council approved an agreement between first responders to allow firefighters that are properly trained as paramedics to carry out emergency medical procedures.

The first response agreement was carried out between University Medical Center’s Emergency Medical Services, which is run by Lubbock County, and the Lubbock Fire Department.

Under the first response agreement, Lubbock Fire Department personnel will respond to medical emergencies within the city limits, and firefighters that are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services will perform actual patient care.

Certified fire fighters will respond with all required equipment and supplies to be used in patient treatment to each scene as well.

This is a sizable increase in the amount of emergency treatment that Lubbock fire fighters can currently deliver, which only cover the most basic life saving measures.

The Lubbock Fire Department must apply for a license to carry out this full treatment from the Texas Department of State Health Services, though around 30 firefighters have received paramedic training. There are around 100 UMC EMS paramedics that currently serve the City.