Friday on the Chad Hasty Show, Laura Vinson, candidate for the LISD School Board, spoke with Chad about issues in LISD and what she hopes to accomplish through her campaign.

Professionally, Vinson has been a Senior Vice President Loan Officer for Prosperity Bank for 13 years. She said that what led her to run for this position is her prior involvement as a parent in the school system and as a leader in a variety of community organizations. Regarding the bond election's focus on spending on facilities, Vinson believes it is important to invest in the buildings provided for education. She feels there needs to be a greater focus on early education, to help avoid learning gaps among students. She also hopes to strengthen their career and technology programs. As far as continuing to encourage improved academic performance across the board, Vinson said, "I would continue to place importance on the relevance of the curriculum, particularly in the career and technology education area."

Vinson hopes that there will be increased efforts by legislators to make funding more equitable across all areas for schools. While there are some inevitable costs, she noted priority should be placed on ensuring teachers are being paid a satisfactory salary.

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