On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, J Allen Carnes, Republican candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign.

Carnes explained that he is qualified on both the ground level and political level for the office of Agriculture Commissioner, but added that he is not a career politician; he's a "Ag guy."  He added that Agriculture Commissioner is an important position no matter where you are in Texas, whether you're in a big city or a rural town, and that it's a race more people need to pay attention to.

"I'm an Ag guy running for an Ag position. An Ag position that's very pertinent to every person in the state, whether you're in downtown Houston or Lubbock or out in Uvalde, Texas where I'm from, we're tied to Ag. It's the backbone of our economy, and it's our foo and fiber supply. If you eat or wear clothes, you're tied to agriculture."

Carnes said that the state of agriculture in Texas has been in a rough spot due to the extreme drought affecting Texas. As such, he said that water would be a major focus for him if elected. Carnes added that while the Agriculture Commissioner's office doesn't have a direct vote on water issue, it does provide a valuable speaking platform for agriculture issues.

Carnes also discussed the other candidates in the race, saying that they are bringing up several issues that really have nothing to do with agriculture, and that candidates need to focus more on the job they're actually running for. He also addressed some criticism concerning his past voting record and donations.

For more information on J Allen Carnes and his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, visit his website at jcarnesfortexas.com.

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