The United States Postmaster General made news this week when he suggested that the USPS may only deliver mail five times a week. That would cut out Saturday delivery for first time. That's not all though. The Postmaster General also suggested that within the next 15 years the mail service may only deliver 3 times a week. That shocked many, but it's also something that is easy to see why.

Mail volume has dropped. People are using the internet and email to communicate now. Forget letters, it's all about email. I remember when I was a kid, I'd send a letter to grandma. Cute huh? Well, my grandmother just signed up for Facebook... and she is late to the game! Lots of grandparents are on Facebook and even more use email.

As far as packages go. Many use UPS or FedEx.

So, how many days would you like to see the USPS be cut down to when it comes to delivery?