On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Chad and Rex about the latest issues coming out of Washington.

Neugebauer said that he was glad that the bill that would've banned anyone under age of 16 to work on a farm was struck down. He said that kids working on a farm are an integral part of rural America, but if Barack Obama is re-elected, we could possibly see this issue being brought up again.

"This administration has expanded what they believe are executive powers to new limits. So certainly we have to continue to be watchful of the kinds of regulations coming out of this administration."

Neugebauer also talked about the troubles with the post office. He said that the post office did not adapt to major changes like the Internet, or to companies like UPS and FedEx and, as a result, the business model the post office has is now obsolete. Neugebauer also discussed the farm bill, Eric Holder, and the Trayvon Martin shooting.

You can listen to Congressman Randy Neugebauer Mondays at 7:35 during Lubbock's First News.