One of the most popular videos on the internet right now is of a girl who is walking through a mall and falls into a fountain because she isn't paying attention due to the fact that she was texting while walking. Now, she is suing because no one helped here. (the video and more after the jump)Check out the video of this girl falling in a fountain because she isn't paying attention:

I always enjoy seeing dumb people walk into things when they are texting and walking. Well, let me put it this way. It's funny watching it from a distance. It's not funny when one of these people runs into you because they aren't paying attention. If this girl can't see a fountain while texting, I pray she doesn't text and drive.

It's funny, yet kind of sad to see just how much we are addicted to technology and being in touch. We have to be accessible all the time now. People can no longer just go out and enjoy getting away from it all. Does that even exist now? Getting away from it all... do people still do this? I know I have recently, and let me tell you... it was awesome!

Back to this girl. It comes out now that she is actually suing the mall because no one came to help her. Yeah, she fell because she wasn't paying attention, then sprung right up but she needed someone to ask her if she was okay instead of laughing at her.

What a moron.