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Chad Hasty,

1. Back from Red River, NM

Glad to be back in Lubbock this week, but I will miss broadcasting from Lifts West in Red River, NM. Ryan Hyatt and I took our shows on the first Great Escape and I want to thank all of our listeners for hanging out with us via calls and social media. The people in Red River are now waiting for you to come up and hang out with them.

While we were in Red River we got to see a little of everything. Sunny skies, cloudy, and snow. Not bad for a few days in the mountains. The folks in and around Red River did a great job clearing the roads and making sure the streets were passable. Road crews in Texas could learn something from the people in Red River.

During the rest of the week, I will get listeners registered to win a 3 night stay at Lifts West in Red River. The package includes gas, and a fly-fishing tour from from Jeff Fagan in Red River.

Stay tuned!

2. Cell Phone Ban in Lubbock

So the Lubbock City Council is looking to ban texting while driving or a complete cellphone ban altogether. You know where I stand on the issue and from the calls I got on Friday, it appears as though most of you agree with me. It's a waste of time.

Passing a law just because it makes you feel better or think you will be safer doesn't make sense. Cell phone bans and texting bans are almost impossible to enforce. It won't make the streets safer and it won't stop people from texting.

Sure, it might make you feel safer but at the end of the day it makes things more dangerous. Other cities have banned texting while driving and accidents have gone up. Why? Because texters will just put their cell phone lower.

You will never stop distracted drivers. Eating, talking to passengers, dealing with crying babies, loud music, changing radio stations, GPS, etc. will always be around. Fluff or feel good legislation won't stop those things.

Since Councilman Jim Gerlt feels so strongly about distracted driving, maybe he should do his part. No more campaign signs for him. People do get distracted by them.

3. Timing too Perfect? Conspiracy?  (link)

Alright, so what are your thoughts about this?

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: The timing is just too perfect for the Obama administration. Just as the administration claimed it was purely coincidence that our Benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of September 11th. Now it’s purely coincidence that this affair -- extra-marital affair -- surfaces right after the election, not before, but right after, but before the intelligence chiefs go to Capitol Hill to get grilled. As an old intelligence analyst, Neil, the way I read this -- I could be totally wrong, this is my interpretation -- is that the administration was unhappy with Petraeus not playing ball 100% on their party-line story. I think it's getting cold feet about testifying under oath on their party-line story. And I suspect that these tough Chicago guys knew about this affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card.

I don't like conspiracy theories, I may be totally wrong, but the timing of this, again, right after the election and right before Petraeus is supposed to get grilled on Capitol Hill, it's really smells.

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