One of television's most in-depth dramas, 'Mad Men', returns for Season 6 on April 6 on AMC.

As shown below in the Season 6 behind-the-scenes preview video, 'Mad Men' brings its focus back onto Don Draper. Don was placed at a crossroads at the end of Season 5 and it looks like that will be resolved in the upcoming season as the show gets closer and closer to the 1970's.

One of the things I've always wondered about is how the 'Mad Men' writers will resolve the end of the older characters lives as the show continues to make large jumps in time between seasons. Also, the fate of Peggy Olson has been left hanging after her major career move in Season 5.

I am also curious to see how the show will handle the moon landing, if indeed they already get to 1969.

Season 6 of 'Mad Men' premieres with a two-hour movie on April 6 on AMC.