At this morning’s Lubbock City Council meeting, a citizen spoke about her wish that the City of Lubbock enact safeguards against Sharia Law.

While this is a concern in many areas of Europe, where clusters of unassimilated Islamists can live without jobs in these countries due to the welfare state capitalism exercised by much of Europe, the same cannot be said for Lubbock, Texas.

Many European regimes are far too afraid of seeming intolerant if they try to attack the problems of the threats issued by these unassimilated groups and Sharia apologists, which ends up leading to severe societal problems as were seen during the riots in France just a few years ago.

In some places like the Netherlands, the problems became so great that parties of subcultural defense popped up in opposition to the occupation of unassimilated and violent Muslims, such as Pim Fortuyn’s Lijst (party), Geert Wilders’ Lijst and others. The issues have become so strong that these parties have actually begun to take hold in the Netherlands’ political landscape, despite the danger of retaliation from terrorist outgroups and apologists which resulted in the murders of political leader Pim Fortuyn, filmmaker Theo van Gogh (grandson of artist Vincent van Gogh), and arrest warrants for party leader Geert Wilders for “hate speech.”

The threat is real for many places across the pond, and much of it is due to apologistas who refuse to acknowledge the very real threat from militant Islamic outgroups. This is not to say that all Muslims are a threat by any means, but rather the unassimilated militants which choose to enact their own laws within the countries of others, and are allowed to do so through a government's entitlement programs.

We’ve seen that groups which choose to create their own laws rather than follow the laws of our land are not tolerated, with the prosecution of Warren Jeffs and the raids on the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado.

While I understand the sentiment of the woman that chose to address the council this morning, I think that the concern that “God’s wrath has started” is a bit over the top for a region like ours in West Texas.

This may be a concern for many areas of the United States that tend to have a less solid moral backing, but I can’t imagine that this type of issue would be tolerated in Lubbock, or anywhere else in the majority of Texas.

It’s not as if Mayor Martin will walk in, slap a burqa on Councilwoman Gibson and begin to issue ordinances which would enact Sharia law upon the Hub City, nor would any outgroups enacting their own laws within West Texas be tolerated, which is how it should be around the globe.

While an unassimilated threat of Sharia law and terrorist activity to create enough fear to tolerate this type of dangerous separate governance is a serious threat to the democratized way of life in Europe, it will not be an issue in West Texas. Unending vigilance to ensure the protections of our own laws is a must for our citizens and officeholders, but unfounded paranoia will not benefit anyone.