Well, here we have a Mayor that is just plain dumb. The Mayor of East Haven Connecticut received over 400 tacos after saying that he would address accusations over anti-Latino bias by eating tacos. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing to say in the world. According to CBS:

An immigration rights group, Reform Immigration for America, delivered 400 tacos to his Town Hall office in protest, though Maturo had left shortly beforehand for a meeting. A soup kitchen picked up the tacos, but one was left symbolically for the mayor.

The group had asked the public to text TACO to 69866 all this week and said they would send an actual taco for every text they received.

In a statement released by his office, Maturo said the abundance of tacos highlights the need for healing in the town.

“The events of the past few days have focused our Town, and my administration, on the need to deal sensitively and compassionately with the challenges currently facing our Town,” he said.

His office fielded a steady flow of calls, some with prank comments about tacos and others from supporters who want him to stay in his job.

You can view the video below that has gone viral. I wonder if he ate the taco that was left for him? Tacos are good!