A Texas Tech college has received a hefty grant to help prepare students for higher education.

Tech’s College of Education has received a $200,000 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, aimed at providing improved college readiness.

The University is working in collaboration with the South Plains Closing the Gaps P-20 Council to fund outreach activities to “promote a college-going culture in the region.”

The group plans to work towards their goals by using the College of Education’s Project FUTURE program, serving 6th through 12th grade students. The program is designed to offer information about college and becoming an educator as a career, and works with 13 school districts, representing 70 percent of the total student population in the region.

The region’s college-going rate is 52.5 percent, compared to the state’s 55 percent average.

“Providing the region with resources that are going to improve these rates is critical to the economic success of the area,” said Janie Ramirez, outreach programs administrator for the College of Education.

More on the program is available at www.genTX.org.