On the Saturday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Dr. Donald May spoke with guest host Matt Crow about his campaign for representative of U.S Congressional District 19.

Dr. May will be running in the 2013 Republican primary against incumbent candidate Congressman Randy Neugebauer. He explained that agriculture has been his primary reason for entering the race, and that if elected, he would strive to make sure cotton farmers in the area get their voices heard in Congress and would help get excessive government regulations off their backs.

But as an ophthalmologist, Dr. May also had plenty to say about Obamacare. He said that the debacle with the government shutdown was a perfect example of how Republicans are letting the Democrats control their message, and that Republicans should have been more vocal about their position on why the government was shutdown. As for Obamacare, May explained that it actually had more to do with health insurance as opposed to health care, but pointed out that right now, they can't even get their website to run correctly.

"This is devolving into fear and chaos because all we're looking at here is the implementation of the sale of a new way of selling health care insurance. Obamacare has nothing to do really about health care. It's insurance, and the government taking control over the health insurance industry. And what we've seen in they cannot even implement a basic website to handle the volume of people who are singing up...if we can't put a plan together to sell the insurance, how can we put together a plan to deliver the health care?"

May also shared with thoughts on abortion, the debt ceiling, and the importance of border security. For more information on Donald May and his campaign, visit his website at mayfortexas.com.

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KFYO Dr. Donald May 10/26/13

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