On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Deanne Clark, candidate for Lubbock City Council District 3 representative, spoke with Chad Hasty about why she decided to run for city council.

Clark explained that got in the crowded District 3 race because she wants to bring "a vote for sanity" back to the city council. She said that, according to her, it seems like the City Council doesn't know when to stop with debt increase and fiscal irresponsibility, and she would like to see that change.

"Like the federal government, we just don't seem to know when to stop, and so we're going to saddle our own children for most of their lives with heavy, heavy debt...I wish you'd explain to me what happened in our country that people seem to think debt and spending is OK, and that it doesn't matter whether we leave anything or can pay all of our bills and cover the basics and not have the frills until later. Have you decided why that's changed in our country?"

Clark also spoke about the North and East Lubbock Community Development Cooperation (NELCDC), which is currently being investigated by both KCBD and the Sandstorm Scholar. Clark said she is in full support of the investigation, saying that while North and East Lubbock do need fixing up, the dealings should be made in the open, not under the rug, and that it's time to start holding the people involved accountable for their actions.

Clark also shared her thoughts on a number of local issues, including LP&L, downtown Lubbock, and raising taxes.

For more information on Deanne Clark and her campaign for Lubbock City Council District 3, visit her website at votefordclark.com.

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