State Representative Dan Branch is running for the Republican nomination for Texas Attorney General and he joined Chad Hasty this morning on The Chad Hasty Show to talk about his conservative credentials.

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Branch told Hasty Friday morning that his credentials as a lawyer and state representative make him the choice for Texans to replace Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Branch said,

"Number one we better have someone who will stand up to the federal government and also stand up to them if they won't fulfill their duties like securing the border or when they won't secure our ballot box."

Branch also wants to keep the Texas economy moving through his office by keeping regulations down.

Hasty asked Branch about his conservative values and credentials and Branch made his case in light of criticism from pundits and his opponents.

Branch responded,

I believe I am the only one in the race who worked for Ronald Reagan and his re-election campaign and registered 250,000 voters. I am the only one who got a scholarship named after Barry Goldwater and was a Goldwater scholar...and I also helped pass six balanced budgets without raising taxes.

Branch also said the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Tea Party Caucus have endorsed his campaign along with a majority of the Texas House Republicans.

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