On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Lewis from the Daily Caller talked with Chad Hasty about the latest developments with Syria and the political implications it could have for President Obama.

For the past few days, President Obama has been aggressively pushing for military action in Syria in response to alleged chemical weapons attacks against Syrian citizens. However, Lewis said Obama will most likely lose the war resolution vote when it goes to the House and Senate. He explained that Obama has a lot going against him, such as being a lame-duck president, and that he has already failed on passing several resolutions, such as gun control.

"It's very hard to imagine that Barack Obama could survive this sort of an embarrassment and then have any sort of real impact going forward. He's already a lame duck, he's already failed at the gun control that he pushed, quite often presidents have major setbacks in their second term, and it very well could be that this would do him in...he could say to Democrats, "Please, you've got to vote for this, if for no other reason than because my presidency hinges on it.""

Lewis went on to say that Obama has put himself in a difficult position with his push for action against Syria. He said that the country is already war-weary and not enthusiastic about jumping into another Middle East conflict. He added that Obama was also at a disadvantage in the House and Senate due to his lack of good relationships with congressmen and senators. Lewis said that for Obama, Syria is a no-win situation.

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Matt Lewis Interview 09/05/13

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