Playing fetch in your backyard is great, but eventually you and your furry companion will want to venture outside the confines of the fence and spend a day out on the town. But how do you know that you and your pet will be welcome? Don't worry, we've got you and your four-legged-friend covered. Here's our top five best places in Lubbock to take your pet for a day (or night) out on the town.

Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater:

Want to enjoy the experience of watching a highly anticipated new release on the big screen, but don't want to leave your favorite canine cooped up at home? Then load up the car and head out to the Stars and Stripes Drive-In. The Stars and Stripes Drive-In has provided family fun to Lubbockites for years. Well behaved dogs are allowed at the theater as long as they stay on a leash or in the car.  If you have kids they'll love watching a movie on the big screen with the family pet, and the dog will enjoy all the extra attention. You can also visit the 50's Cafe and buy some corn-dogs or the famous Chihuahua to share with your whole family.

Buffalo Springs Lake:

If you're looking to spend a weekend away from the house but don't want to leave Fido behind, take a trip to Buffalo Springs Lake. Dogs are welcome at the lake and it won't cost you any extra money to bring them along. While at the lake you can boat, fish, swim, and hike in the area with your canine friend. It's only short drive from the Loop, and it's open all week long. Stay for a day or stay for a weekend! You and your pet are guaranteed a great time. Daytime Admission is $6 for adults and $3 for children.


If you're going to shop for your pet, why not bring him along? PetSmart not only allows your furry friend in their store, they encourage it. Whether you're buying a new leash for Sparky or choosing a new food for Sassy, your dog can be there every step of the way to give their opinion. Visiting PetSmart is also a great way to socialize your dog. Many different sizes, shapes, and personalities of dog visit the store, which helps acclimate your pet to being around other dogs. He'll get a lot of extra attention from the shoppers and employees in the store, who seem to love every dog that walks in the door. Also, don't be surprised if your cashier slips your dog a little treat at the checkout counter.

Maxey Park:

If you're looking for a spacious area inside city limits to take your dog out for exercise, visit Maxey Park. This is one of the most spacious parks in Lubbock and is always full of action to keep your dog occupied. From Frisbee to a simple jog across the park, it's a great place to exercise your pooch. Surrounding residents frequently walk their dogs here, so if you want your pet to make some new friends, this is the place to go. There's also fun to be had wading in the lake water or visiting the newly renovated playground.

Sheridan's Lattes & Frozen Custard:

What's cuter than puppies covered in ice cream? Puppies covered in frozen custard. Not only does this popular teen hang-out offer tasty treats for humans, it also has free puppy cones for our four-legged friends. Your dog will appreciate the cool treat during the hot Lubbock summers. Your family won't be able to hold back the laughter as your pup gets vanilla custard all over his whiskers, plus you can grab a custard to enjoy for yourself.