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Patrick Mahomes seems to have it all and is living the good life. He's the best quarterback in the NFL, has been to three Super Bowls and won two of those. He's a two-time Super Bowl MVP and two-time NFL MVP. He's married, he's got two kids and oh yeah, he helped bring Whataburger to Kansas City.

Like I said, life seems to be good for Mahomes, but he is planning on making a pretty big change during this upcoming NFL season. It sounds like Patrick Mahomes is getting rid of his signature hairstyle.

Paul Roberts,
Paul Roberts,

The look that Mahomes has rocked since his days at Texas Tech may be on it's way out according to USA Today and the third episode of Quarterback on Netflix.

During the third episode of the Netflix series, "Quarterback," which follows Mahomes and fellow NFL quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota on and off the field during their 2022 seasons, Mahomes hinted that a new do is in the cards as soon as this fall.

After a workout with his personal trainer Bobby Stroupe, Mahomes goes to take his headband and the Velcro gets stuck in his hair. Agitated Mahomes says, "This is my last year with the hair."

"No, what are you talking about?" Stroupe shoots back in disbelief.

"Hair’s gone next year," Mahomes says. "Going with different hair next year."

"What, are you shaving it?" Stroupe asks.

"I don’t know yet," Mahomes says. "I’m doing something different."

During the back and forth Stroupe asks Mahomes again about his hair and if wanted to change it because of the helmets or hats. Mahomes then gave a pretty funny and perhaps the real reason for changing his hairstyle.

“Does it just get on your nerves in your helmet and hat,” Stroupe asks.

"No I’m just like, I can’t have two kids and a mohawk," Mahomes says.

I guess Mahomes thinks he needs to be a little more professional with the hairstyle. Though, I say, if it's been working why change it? The kids will understand.

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