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Did you know that the City of Lubbock, through the Parks and Recreation Department is offering Softball and Kickball leagues? Many programs were shut down last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the leagues are back this Spring. That means it's time to get out of the house, form a team with friends, and have some fun.

According to a tweet sent out earlier this week from the Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department, registration has been extended through March 28 for online registration or March 26 for in person registration.

Each league will play ten games. The Kickball registration fee is for mixed leagues only and will cost $215 for the ten games. The Softball league registration fee is $330 for ten games and will be offering mixed, church, and men's leagues.


For more information, visit or call 806-775-2673.

The Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department is back offering many activities this Spring and upcoming Summer. They are offering many different classes for kids and adults around Lubbock. The activities being offered include things like painting, karate, sports, and more.

With coronavirus cases continuing to fall in Lubbock, it's a great time to get out of the house and participate in activities like kickball and softball. They are good exercise and get people out in the sun, all of which can help improve one's health. Be sure to follow the Lubbock Parks and Recreation Facebook page for future announcements on what activities they will be offering throughout the City of Lubbock, and be sure to sign up for some of them.

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