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Opening Day For City of Lubbock Swimming Pools
"It's our big day," said Nancy Neal with Lubbock Parks and Recreation. "Our pools open today (June 2) and just in time for the ninety degree weather."
The City of Lubbock has four swimming pools that will open today: Clapp Park, Maxey Park, Montelongo Pool (lo…
Annual K-9 Splash Fest
The annual K-9 Splash Fest will take place at Clapp Pool on Sunday, August 17, which is also the last day of the year for municipal pools to be open.
Valentine's Day for Kids
It’s always a bit of a challenge on Valentine’s Day when you’re trying to get a little alone time with that special someone and you need to find something for the kids to do.
The Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department has solution to your romantic chal…
LAH Hunting
Hunting access is only allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the hunting season, and game permits must be purchased in advance with deadlines that vary by game.

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