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As we all know, coronavirus has really screwed up things in the United States and around the world. The way we work has changed, the way kids learn has changed, and if you have gone on vacation lately, you are actually pretty lucky.

While citizens are social distancing, washing their hands, and even wearing masks, governments around the globe are rushing to find a vaccine. President Trump has said before that he hopes to have a vaccine by the end of the year or early next year.

In theory, a vaccine would mean most things could go back to normal. However, one new poll shows that not all Americans are on board yet with a vaccine. According to, a NBC News poll shows less than half of Americans would take a vaccine if it were approved by the government.

Forty-four percent of American adults say they would get the vaccine, with 22 percent saying they wouldn’t and 32 percent saying they aren’t sure.

The differences in opinion are stark among demographic groups — a majority of Democrats, seniors, Asians, those making at least $100,000 and those with college degrees all say they would get a vaccine if it’s approved by the government.

In every other demographic group polled, a majority say either that they aren’t sure whether they would get an approved vaccine or that they wouldn’t.

Among those making under $50,000, 37 percent say they would get a vaccine, 26 percent say they wouldn’t and 35 percent say they aren’t sure.


So what about you? Would you get vaccinated? Or would you wait? Vote in our poll below.



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