I have trouble believing Mitt Romney.

Romney is leading in the polls.  He looks presidential.  He sounds presidential.  But I have a hard time trusting him.

Back in the 1960's, when Richard Nixon was running for president,  some opponents would ask, "Would you buy a used car from Nixon?"  He was considered by some to be untrustworthy.  He was called "Tricky Dick".  I have similar doubts about Romney.

I'm not saying Romney is a crook or dishonest.  However, I'm not convinced that Romney is the conservative leader Republicans are looking for.  I'm not convinced Romney is conservative.

Why do I have these doubts?  In part, because of his record of changing his position on issues.  His move to the right while preparing to run for president in 2008 has been well documented, perhaps best by the late Tim Russert on Meet the Press.  As a result, Romney has earned a reputation of being a flip-flopper, or RINO -- Republican In Name Only.

Conservatives also have doubts about Romney because of  his health care plan in Massachusetts, which is similar to Obamacare in some ways.  And some believe the only way a Republican can win a statewide race in liberal Massachusetts is if he liberal or moderate, so one of those labels must apply.

So why is Romney leading in the polls?  Name ID helps.  Plus, Republicans tend to nominate previous candidates who have run for president before and lost, the candidate considered to be "next in line"  --  candidates like Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41, and Dole to name a few.

Will Romney continue that trend?  My prediction is he won't.   When his primary opponents start running commercials about Romney's record, I suspect Romney's high poll numbers will fall. That, plus the expected entry of Rick Perry into the race should make it a whole new ball game.