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Former U.S. Energy Secretary and former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday to share his thoughts on reopening Texas and the United States economy. Perry called for common sense and science to drive the reopening of Texas.

Perry also said a blanket policy for the entire state should not be made but officials should look at individual counties and the conditions on the ground and to use common sense when planning to reopen. Perry specifically brought up Brewster County where Perry says there are no cases of coronavirus, yet the county remains effectively shut down. Perry told KFYO that he believes County Judges have the power to re-open their respective counties. Perry said that when he was in office, it was county judges that ordered the evacuation of counties, not the State, and that Perry didn't see much of a difference between now and then.

But it's my understanding that a Governor can not make a county evacuate. The County Judge has to do that. I don't see the difference between that and a decision today on a Emergency Declaration. But here's the point, I think if a County Judge would lean into this, call the Governor's office and say "hey Governor we're fixing to open this place up", hopefully it's a moot point by this afternoon and common sense is going to prevail here and County Judges are going to get it.

Perry told KFYO that he is speaking out now because it is time to have the conversation about reopening Texas and the United States.

Perry also spoke about the price of oil and the impact it is having on the economy and national security. Listen to the full interview above.

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