President Obama has requested over $3.7 billion in emergency spending for the border. While in Texas the President called for Republicans to "act quickly" and approve the money. While the President claims that the money will help fix the problem, not everyone else is so sure according to Yahoo News.

The money is intended to add immigration judges, detention facilities, aid for the children and teens arriving here without their parents, and programs to deter people from fleeing the Central American nations where vicious gang violence is driving them north.

Johnson faces a tough sell as Republicans have criticized Obama for asking them for money but not for policy reforms, specifically amending a 2008 law to address human trafficking that's contributed to the problem by guaranteeing court hearings to the arriving youths. In practice that often results in them staying here indefinitely.

The White House says it wants to change that law, but immigration advocates and some Democrats objected, and so far the White House has not put forward those reforms.

Democrats have raised their own questions about how the emergency money would be spent and whether too much of it would go for enforcement, rather than measures to help the children.

More than 57,000 unaccompanied kids have arrived since October even as tens of thousands more have arrived traveling as families, mostly mothers with their children.

Do you think that the emergency funds will fix the issue?