On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Larry Driscoll, president of the West Texas Home Builders Association (WTHBA), spoke with Chad Hasty about the criticism he and his organization have received from city council candidates.

The WTHBA has come under fire recently by some city council candidates who claim that the organization is a special interest group and are trying to buy the city council election with their campaign donations. Driscoll said that he was surprised at the backlash, and added that the amounts the WTHBA's political action committee (PAC) donated was not that much when comapred to the amount of money it takes to put on a local campaign.

Driscoll further explained that only three candidates met with the WTHBA trustees: Karen Gibson, Jeff Griffith, and Frank Gutierrez. He also added that the WTHBA PAC only donated to candidates who they feel are "looking forward" and in favor of future development, and noted that the candidates who are complaining about the donations also seem to be less in favor of city growth and development.

"Here's the way it works: a candidate gets money thinks that you're just really good people and doing the right thing. The candidate who doesn't get money...his or her argument needs to be, "Well, they're a special interest group and they're operating against the best wishes of all the rest of us."

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