One day after Tuesday night's elections, Internet hacktivist group Anonymous held an event in Lubbock to protest the government.

The protesters were seen standing on the corner of 19th St. and University Ave. in Lubbock near Texas Tech University.

One of the protesters is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and holding a sign that reads 'Your goverment has failed you.' If you look closely at the picture above, you'll notice the word government is spelled incorrectly.

The demonstration was part of Anonymous' Million Mask March. The slogan and mask are calling cards of Internet hacktivist group Anonymous.

The Guy Fawkes mask holds special significance today, Nov. 5, which is the anniversary of Fawkes' plot to blow up England's House of Lords when they convened in the Palace of Westminster.

According to the group, the march was to "remind this world what it has forgotten, That fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words."

It isn't clear if the two men are Texas Tech students or not. One thing is for sure: the school definitely doesn't need any more bad press.

Recently, a video created by Texas Tech's independent political science department featured students unable to answer simple history questions (i.e. who won the Civil War) but easily answering questions about Brad Pitt's marriage history and other pop culture-related queries.

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