Lubbock Christian University has teamed up with Texas Tech University to place a new Texas Mesonet Station on their campus. This new Texas Mesonet Station is actually the 150th station site for Texas Tech's National Wind Institute and will help monitor multiple weather changes in the area.

KAMC news reports that the Texas Mesonet Stations do more than just help meteorologists in their daily weather forecasting. The Mesonet Stations also help many farmers across the state of Texas when it comes to deciding when it's the right time for them to plant crops and even when to plan on watering those crops.

According to the Texas Tech National Wind Institute website the station itself observes precipitation, barometric pressure, solar radiation and different types of wind speed every minute. Observations of soil temperature, moisture, and leaf wetness is done every 15 minutes as well by the station. The Mesonet station can be found near cross country course of Lubbock Christian University, just on the South end of the campus.

This is not the only Texas Mesonet Station located in Lubbock County as the first Mesonet station was installed at Reese Technology Center and Air Force Base back in early 2000. This new station is Texas Mesonet Station 150 which means there are 149 other stations with very important data that can be used to benefit everyone in Texas. Those other stations locations and weather readings can be accessed online at and that data is readily accessible to the public for free to view and use.

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