Lubbock Police arrested a woman and her significant other on Saturday (May 28) after an 11-month-old child was shot in the head with a BB gun.

According to the police report, two children were shot with a BB gun in different areas. One was shot in the head, and the other was shot in the hand, requiring surgery to remove the BB.

Ashley Rosalyn Decastro (23) was charged with child endangerment and failure to report a felony, and her boyfriend Adrian Garcia-Guevara (28) was arrested for injury to a child, false report and a slew of other charges.

Lubbock police confronted Decastro over not believing her story. She originally told police it was an accidental shooting and the child walked in front of Garcia-Guevara as he was shooting the BB gun.

Decastro and Garcia-Guevara were both booked into the Lubbock County Jail. Child Protective Services took custody of the children.

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