The Lubbock Police Department has a message for the future, and in about 50 years we will know what that message is.

On Wednesday, the Lubbock Police Department took to social media too announce that a time capsule had been buried and sealed in concrete in front of the new Downtown Police Headquarters located at 1205 15th Street. According to the Lubbock Police, the time capsule commemorates the opening of their new HQ and serves as tribute to those who have served in the department.

So what was buried in the time capsule?

According to a Facebook post, Lubbock Police buried letters from Lubbock Mayor Tray Payne and City Manager Jarrett Atkinson. The Lubbock Police badge, annual report, challenge coins, photo album, and part of the grand opening ribbon, were also buried in the time capsule.

The capsule is to remain buried until 2073.

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