During Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Texas Tech's Vice Provost of International Affairs Tibor Nagy, Jr., came by the studio to talk about current events regarding Israel and Hamas.

Tibor Nagy was a political refugee from Hungary in the 70's, and briefly recounted the story of his legal immigration to America. Talking briefly about the illegal immigrants along the U.S.'s Southern border, he stated "its not so much a pull as it is a push. People usually leave their country as a last resort," making the point that a lot of those leaving Central and South America do not usually want to be culturally American, but simply want to leave behind the turmoil in their home country.

In the past 6 days there have been over 900 rocket attacks on Israel. There is believed to be roughly 10,000 more rockets. "Both sides really need to get back to how things were before," Nagy said, stating that Israel does not want to invade and Hamas does not want to use all of their rockets. However, before they agree to a cease fire, Hamas needs to feel that they won something, Nagy said.

Israel's Iron Dome defense system is great for limited rocket attacks, but if Hamas ever fired a massive rocket attack, it could overwhelm the Iron Dome system and cause serious casualties in Israel. Because of this possibility, a ground invasion by Israel is still being considered by Israel.

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