Ambassador Tibor Nagy joined Lubbock's First News Tuesday (Sept. 1) and briefly discussed the crisis in Hungary and how it compared to when he fled Hungary.

Hundreds of migrants are protesting outside a railway station in the capital of Hungary after police there have closed off the terminal to keep them from traveling to the European Union. The United Nations has said that the crisis in Hungary is the biggest immigration crisis since WWII.

Nagy, who is a first-generation immigrant, fled Hungary with his father.

"My dad was in the Hungarian Army. He was condemned to death for fighting against the Soviet Army during Hungary's brief ten days of freedom," said Nagy. "We had to leave very,very quickly along with about 200,000 other Hungarians."

The difference between then and now? "We were welcome with open arms," said Nagy.

"We have more asylum seekers now than the world has ever seen. There's 66 million people seeking asylum -- that's on the refuge side," said Nagy.

Listen to the entire interview with Ambassador Tibor Nagy in the video above.

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