Friday on KFYO Mornings former ambassador Tibor Nagy Jr. joined Dave King and Matt Martin to discuss several issues both nationally and internationally such as the impending government shutdown, politics in South Africa, North Korea's nuclear threat, the fading ISIS, and international trade.

Nagy, who has worked through several government shutdowns himself, began by saying that he does believe a government shutdown will occur. He commented on being afraid that the media may try to misdirect people on what a shutdown would mean, and said that, "every federal employee knows that you may miss a paycheck or two but at the end of the day they are going to all catch up."

Tibor also talked about North Korea's amorous attitude as of late being misleading, saying,

"The President of North Korea, King Jong Un, plays the international community like a Stradivarius violin."

He believes that 2017 was our last chance to take out North Korea militarily, and that in 2018 North Korea will develop a missile that would be able to hit any part of the United States. He believes that, "Our policy has now had to turn from prevention to containment."

Finally the former ambassador talked about ISIS losing attention, who will be the new face of terrorism in 2018, the new president of South Africa, and the world's economy seeming to grow and prosper.

Listen to the full interview with Tibor Nagy Jr. in the video above.

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