If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you know Patrick Mahomes was running for his life during the Bucs' beatdown of the Chiefs. Even though he had no time or pocket to find a receiver, he somehow still did. That's just how unreal the man is.

Former Oregon State football player and YouTuber Job Dockery nailed Mahomes' struggles during the Super Bowl to a T. Mahomes dealt with a massive rush, receivers not paying enough attention to detail during the scramble drill, a case of the dropsies, and, unfortunately, the referees making themselves a part of the proceedings.

Here's Dockery's depiction:

If you think that his portrayal was too crazy and not like what happened in the Super Bowl, I'd counter that Dockery wasn't crazy enough.

Take this throw from Mahomes. An immediate free rusher? Check. A perfect throw? Pretty close. A drop? Yes -- from Tyreek Hill.

How about this one? Could Mahomes have thrown this better to Travis Kelce?

A spinning, closed eyes heave to the endzone that hits a receiver in the hand? Tom Brady could never. Yes, this would have been an incredible catch, but the throw made it seem possible.

If the one above didn't get your fire started, then your wood is wet. Maybe this one will show you how great Mahomes was on Super Bowl Sunday. He's in mid-air, for Pete's sake! What is Darrell Williams doing?

Here's another angle of the same play. Truly incredible:

A lot of people thought Mahomes' throws looked familiar. They finally remembered that it was a video game. Mahomes is like a video game. No other human can do the things he does.

Overall, Mahomes lost the Super Bowl, but he put up a hell of a fight and spawned a hilarious video. That's the same as the Lombardi, right? No? Well, he'll be back.

Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom

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