Oh Tony Magnum, whatever did we do to deserve someone as great as you?

You may remember that almost two weeks ago, the Big 12 held their annual media day. Players and coaches alike were asked tons of questions. Most of the questions revolved around the upcoming season and what expectations would be.

However, for Texas Tech, some of the best questions came from their own player. Wide Receiver Dylan Cantrell donned a persona by the name of "Tony Magnum" and proceeded to ask questions to safety Jah'Shawn Johnson from only two tables down. It remains one of the best things you'll ever see.

This past Sunday (July 30), Texas Tech hosted their own local media day right here in Lubbock, and if you were expecting to see Tony Magnum make an appearance again, you weren't disappointed. This time, there were players and even a coach facing a camera as they were handed a pair of headphones that had a phone call from "Tony from Fox Sports" on the other end. Cantrell was in the room next door and watched how his victims would react.

First person up was Defensive Backs Coach Karl Scott. Cantrell asked about the prank call that garnered all this attention. Coach Scott talked about how gullible Jah'Shawn Johnson was and how he wouldn't fall for something like that due to his sophistication. Oh really, Coach Scott? "Look to your left," Cantrell said and after all that talk about not falling for it. Scott couldn't help but burst out with laughter as he was fooled by the great "Tony Magnum."

The next victim was the Australian punter Dom Panazzolo. His first question was about how the transition from New Zealand (not Australia) was for him. After the big reveal, Panazzolo had his suspicions that he was talking to Cantrell but he didn't commit to it.

Defensive Lineman Lonzell Gilmore was told that he had won a poll of who was the best looking Texas Tech player on the roster. Why must you build someone up like that and then tear them down, Tony?

Next up was.... oh no. Not Jah'Shawn Johnson again. Cantrell said he was doing a story about Ennis, Texas (Johnson's hometown), and one of the questions had to do with a certain receiver catching a ball at the end of halftime over Johnson in an area playoff match up. I wonder who that receiver was?

"Not again, y'all can't get me again," were the words out of Johnson's mouth, but he told the story of what happened during that game. Then a subtle knock on the glass window let him know that it was, in fact, Cantrell asking the questions yet again.

Maybe when football season is over we can get another installment of the saga that is Tony Magnum. Maybe next time, Tony will take on other sports and athletes at Texas Tech.

Maybe one suggestion for next time...

Fingers crossed for Tony Magnum Part 3.

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