NFL owners approved the move of the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, leaving the future of the Oakland Raiders up in the air.

Yahoo! reports that the lease at the Coliseum in Oakland has expired, which means the team is free to move anywhere. The NFL has proposed $100 million to help finance a stadium for the Raiders in Oakland, right now there is no stadium proposal.

So, that brings back a possibility of San Antonio, Texas.

Back in 2014, the Raiders ownership met with official in San Antonio. In the report from Yahoo!, they say that according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the Raiders have already secured land in the Austin/San Antonio area for a potential stadium.

There's even speculation the Raiders could be playing in The Alamodome as soon as next season.

Cole does say the land bought in Texas could be just "leverage" against the city of Oakland, but if a new stadium is not built in the Bay Area, we could possibly seeing the Raiders moving to the state of Texas.

Personally, I think the Raiders fit great with the Spurs organization as far as imagery and attitude goes. Hopefully, the Raiders could pick up on the winning ways of one of the NBA's most successful teams.

Lachlan Cunningham