It has already been released that the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will be debuted on May 16that the Indianapolis 500 race.

What is being passed around as rumor in the automotive journalist world is that it will also be the pace car. This is no surprise, considering that the Camaro has done this task 7 times before in 1967, 1969/Camaro SS, 1982/Z28, 1993/Z28, 2009/Camaro SS, 2010/Camaro SS, 2011 and 2014/Camaro Z28.

Although the car won’t reach dealerships until late into the year, renderings and sneak-peaks have been leaked online. The front end has changed a little, and appears to have a wider stance, but still has the overused and boring retro-styling that I believe is a refuge for design laziness. Chevrolet has not released engine specs, but it will most likely have similar engines as the 2014-2015 models.