As Buc-ee's continues to grow in popularity, the stores continue to get bigger and bigger. But the largest of the big stores will remain where everything is bigger. In Texas.

The newest Buc-ee's location has opened in Luling, TX which sits at 75,000 square feet. It is a huge store. In fact it is the largest store in the United States for Buc-ee's and it's going to remain that way for a while.

According to a report from, Buc-ee's had planned on building an even bigger store in Florida, but they have decided to reduce the size to 74,000 square feet. The report also noted that Buc-ee's locations outside of Texas will not be any larger than 74,000 square feet.

That means the largest Buc-ee's store will remain in Texas for a long time. Which is good, because in Texas we like to brag about having the biggest and best. Before the Luling location opened, the title of largest Buc-ee's went to a location in Tennessee, which didn't seem right. Then it was going to be Florida, which still wasn't right. Now that the title will remain in Texas, all is right in the Buc-ee's world.

Well, almost everything. Bring back the fatter beaver statue that we are all used to. Then all will be right in the Buc-ee universe.

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