The Honda Ridgeline has been a go-to mid-sized truck for families who need a truck, but also like the amenities that an SUV provides.

The Ridgeline had seating for 5 adults, the Honda J-series motor (which is the small-block Chevy V8 of the Honda Motor Company), and a lockable trunk in the truck bed. It was known for its ability to handle off-road situations and being a fantastic touring vehicle that in optimal conditions got 20 plus miles per gallon. reports that the 2016 Ridgeline will have a similar seating arrangement, and that the touring and toughness aspects are still a focus of the new model. The changes in the body features a purely distinct Honda face, side-exit exhaust system, and high wheel arches to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

What’s completely different is the motor. This is a big departure from the norm at Honda, who uses the J-series motor in everything from the Accord all the way up to the old Acura NSX supercar. The new motor is reported to be a first-entry hybrid, with no conformation on displacement or cylinder configuration.

I personally have owned a Honda Pilot for 8 years, which the old Ridgeline is based on. I have also owned 4 other cars in the time that I have owned the Pilot, and have sold all of them… Yet, I cannot bring myself to get rid of the aging Pilot! If the new Ridgeline is based on the new Pilot, which I have driven extensively (a family member owns one), it will be a fantastic vehicle to drive off and on the roads, no matter where you are.

The picture in this post is the new Honda Pilot.

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