We're closing out July and about to enter August where hopefully we'll begin to see some autumn-style temperatures. While we wait, we can still enjoy the Buddy Holly Summer Showcase with this week's main feature, The Eddie Beethoven Band.

The Eddie Beethoven Band is made up of five members with, of course, Eddie Beethoven leading the band as the singer and songwriter. Denzil Warner is the bassist for the group and Jaime Moreno is the keeper of time. Also along for the ride is power husband-wife duo Mindy Adams, who plays the Hammond organ, and Tommy Adams, who's known to go all-out wild while he plays the guitar.

According to The Eddie Beethoven Band website, the band's sound is what they call Texas Americana with its roots deep in rhythm and blues, boogie woogie, cow jazz, country jump blues and folk.

I did have to give this band a listen and see where I would be transported to, especially when they mentioned "cow jazz." I was transported to big stage in the middle of the woods with tons of people all around picnicking with the best Southern fried foods you could imagine. The smell of pecan wood and a good aged smoked whiskey made with sugar crystals is in the air. The sounds of The Eddie Beethoven Band are definitely something new to my ears that I would for sure need to listen to while making s'mores and drinking some cold beers with friends.

The Eddie Beethoven Band will play The Buddy Holly Summer Showcase at the Meadows Courtyard at the Buddy Holly Center on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Admission is free to the public. Outside food and beverages, chairs, picnic blankets and pets are not allowed.

More information on future upcoming shows for The Eddie Beethoven Band can be found on their Facebook page, and their music can be found on Mindy Adams' YouTube. Let your ears listen and rest on those smoked whiskey sounds.

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