There was a special burgeoning relationship we witnessed growing in the Dylan Cantrell Mic'd up video. It was the tag team of Derrick Willies and Dylan Cantrell. They are back at it again with synchronized back flips.

It's impressive enough to have one backflip, but for two guys to do simultaneous backflips in unison takes a serious mental connection.

Cantrell and Willies are quickly becoming the Bash Brothers of Texas Tech Football. They are the New Age Outlaws of the Red Raiders. They are Los Guerreros, The Nasty Boys and the Brothers of Destruction. The duo of Willies and Cantrell are encroaching on an Outsiders level of togetherness.

Maybe they deserve a nickname of their very own -- just like Bennifer, Brangelina or Kimye.

Derrlan. Dylick. Willtrell. Canties.

We might need to workshop those.

It might be a case where they can borrow a name from another sports duo, like Thunder and Lightning or Shake and Bake.

We could take the pop culture route and call them Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin or Shawn and Gus.

The food route also popped in my head. PB&J or my favorite Chips and Queso, which would be topical and incredibly local.

I guess the bottom line is that these two are in desperate need of a catchy nickname.

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