Texas Tech will try and protect their house one last time in 2015 this Saturday, November 14 when they take on the Kansas State Wildcats (3-5, 0-5 Big 12) for Senior Day.

For the 4th consecutive game, Texas Tech will try and gain bowl eligibility. The game is set for a 2:30 pm. kickoff.

Saturday’s game will be the final farewell to Lubbock for Texas Tech’s seniors. The 2015 class includes offensive standouts DeAndre Washington, Jakeem Grant, Le’Raven Clark, Alfredo Morales and Jared Kaster. On defense, Branden Jackson, Pete Robertson, Micah Awe and J.J. Gaines will move on. Kicker/punter Taylor Symmank also says goodbye.

The seniors on offense have been very good this year. Washington reached 1,000 yards for the second straight year. Everyone who has been clamoring for a run game for 15 years, it has arrived. Kliff Kingsbury is committed to running the football. That's a positive.

But it's still not time to look forward to 2016. There are two more ball games to play, and if Tech wins at least one of them they score a bowl game in December. I still believe.

Kansas State is 0-5 in the Big 12, but they have not played Kansas, Iowa State or Texas Tech. To say 0-5 also is hollow because they played Baylor to within 7 points and would have beaten TCU if they hadn't abandoned the run game in the 3rd quarter. They also played OSU very close.

Kansas State is the opposite of Texas Tech in a lot of ways. That makes for an interesting game day on Saturday.


Ashley Wirz, 1340TheFan.com

Texas Tech averages 500 yards per game on the road, which is good. They average 662 within the friendly confines of The Jones.

This offense, especially the young receivers, have trouble on the road. The West Virginia game was just the latest example. Nerves of steel is not something that can be coached. It's an x-factor that cannot be quantified. I think Patrick Mahomes has it. Washington definitely has it. Grant has shown it.

It's that x-factor that the team as a whole must have to be able to close out games like TCU and OSU. Coach Kingsbury called it the killer instinct early this season after the team's 59-45 win against Sam Houston State University. He said the team lacked the killer spirit.

It must be frustrating for a coach to set out game plans that will work to only seem them fail in execution. There is only a certain amount of time a coach can spend on catching. Focus and instinct are traits that are only attainable if players work on them personally.

Reginald Davis, Devin Lauderdale and Ian Sadler have all had flashes of greatness. They need to be great consistently if Texas Tech wants to be in a bowl game in 2015.

This team really just needs to learn how to win. That starts in 2015. Mahomes needs to will this team to a win on the back and legs of Washington.

The 4th ranked offense in the NCAA will score the points needed to win this game. More than 40 points.


The defense has had stretches and flashes of good play in the last two weeks. They also saw two back-breaking personal fouls on the nail-in-the-coffin TD drive that West Virginia had in the waning moments of the game last Saturday.

The penalties were from two senior leaders. That's ridiculous.

Micah Awe has had a good season. Brandon Jackson has been mostly non-existent.

The freshmen on this defense have had a decent two weeks. D'Vonta Hinton had a solid showing against WVU and he's a true freshman. That's a positive.

I'm going out on a limb and I'm going to say these seniors (Gaines, Jackson, Robertson and Awe) are going to put this season into a positive direction by having the game of their lives and leading this season in a positive direction: Toward a bowl game.


44-26. Texas Tech over Kansas State.

The line is at -5.5 for Texas Tech.

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