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Something every Texas Tech student and alumni does when spotting another Red Raider is throw a ‘guns up’. It becomes second nature as a way to show your connection to the school you both love. 

But what happens when you do so in a highly inappropriate place? Well, Texas Tech student Diana Durkin found out the hard way that throwing a ‘guns up’ in the airport might not be the best idea.  

This happened back in 2018 while 19-year-old Durkin was taking a semester off from school to help her family recover from Hurricane Harvey. She was going through security at the Hobby Airport in Houston, on her way to take a trip with a friend, when the incident took place. 

Noticing someone ahead of her wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt, she threw her ‘guns up’ to show her school pride. TSA didn’t take kindly to what thy viewed as a threatening gesture, pulling her aside and asking for identification. Durkin told the Chronicle, “I throw my hand up in a gun thing I know, I am being tapped on the shoulder and asked to step out of line and be talked to.” 

Fortunately, she was able to show her student ID and explained the situation, being released on time to still make her flight.  

While this is an older story, let this be a reminder to watch out where you throw your ’guns up’. While it’s okay to do so pretty much anywhere in Lubbock, other Texas cities, and definitely other states won’t be so kind to the gesture. Maybe show your school pride with a subtle “wreck ’em” or “Raider power” to avoid any conflict. 

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