The Texas Tech football team has had a special relationship with the Siegel family in the last five or so years. Luke Siegel passed away recently after fighting valiantly for a long time following a battle due to a traumatic brain injury.

That doesn't mean that Luke's death is defeat. Luke Siegel will live for a really long time as the millions he impacted carry his memory and story on. Team Luke is a gigantic sea of people with an enormous reach that will be able to help countless families going through what the Siegel's went through. Their journeys will be blessed.

With the recent passing of Siegel, the football program decided honor him on their Helmets with a "LUK3" sticker. A logo that's been used in the Team Luke branding for the last several years.

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Patrick Mahomes also honored Siegel by crediting him with the creation of the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation at Mahomes' recent park dedication to his foundation. Mahomes was emotional as he talked about the impact Siegel had made on him. Mahomes has worn a Team Luke bracelet on his wrist dating back to his time at Texas Tech.

The Red Raiders aren't the only football team honoring the memory of Luke Siegel on their helmet. SMU is also going to wear the spirit of Siegel on their headgear. Sonny Dykes is a Texas Tech Alum and coached at Texas Tech under Mike Leach before moving on to Arizona in 2007.

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