A Texas Tech program offers help to students with their financial planning.

Tech’s Red to Black program offers financial counseling services to help students manage their expenses, before debt has the opportunity to become overwhelming.

A recent survey released by U.S. News and World Report finds that Texas Tech graduates have relatively low amounts of student loan debt.

“While this ranking is notable for the university and our students, it is absolutely necessary that we continue to educate students and their families about borrowing and managing student debt,” said Dottie Durband, director of Red to Black and associate professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning.

“Many families do not talk openly about finances, yet when the student comes to school, they are often presented with big life decisions that could affect them for years to come,” Durband continued.

In the Red to Black program, students help other students, as in many other programs across campus, and offers confidential and individual financial coaching through remedial to preventative education, seminars, and presentations.

More on Red to Black is available here.