On the March 22 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host had a rather odd way to describe the beloved Texas Tech sports mascot, Raider Red.

While we couldn't find video (YET!) from the bit, which had DeGeneres predicting who will win the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament's Sweet 16 matchups based on their team mascots, here's how it went down on the show.

"Then we have the Texas Tech Red Raiders versus the Purdue Boilermakers," she said, showing a side-by-side picture of Raider Red and Purdue Pete. "Alright, it's like Hillbilly Elmo versus Jay Leno...Jay Leno in a hard hat."

But that wasn't the worst of it.

"Jay's a friend of mine, so I'm going to go with Jay," DeGeneres decided.

There are many things wrong with this.

First of all, Elmo is completely covered in red fur and is not human. Raider Red is clearly modeled after a human being, and has red hair. A lot of red hair, sure, but he isn't a ginger Cousin Itt.

Secondly, hillybilly is a derogatory name for people who live mostly in Appalachia and the Ozarks, or other mountainous regions. Since Lubbock is so flat you can see your dog running away for five miles, the term doubly doesn't work here. And besides, in Texas, the term 'redneck' would be more common to use.

And lastly: WRECK 'EM, TECH!


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