When it comes to dog bites and attacks on members of the United States Postal Service, only California is worse than Texas. According to a new study by the United States Postal Service, there were more than 5,800 cases of dog attacks on letter carriers last year around the country.

According to KXAN, in Texas, there were 411 dog bite incidents last year on members of the United States Postal Service. That was up from the previous year when there were 404 dog bite incidents.

The worst city in Texas for dog bites? Houston which had reportedly 56 incidents. Dallas came in 2nd with 39 incidents according to KXAN.

  1. Houston – 56 incidents
  2. Dallas – 39 incidents
  3. San Antonio – 26 incidents
  4. Fort Worth – 23 incidents
  5. Corpus Christi – 15 incidents
  6. El Paso – 14 incidents
  7. Amarillo – 10 incidents
  8. Austin – 8 incidents
  9. Grand Prairie & Garland – 7 incidents

I have to say, 411 dog bite incidents isn't as much as I thought it would be. But then again, how many mail carriers are on foot these days? And with all the strays in Lubbock that we see, Lubbock not making the top 10 cities, or worst cities for dog bites against mail carriers is encouraging.

Make sure your dogs are locked up and not able to bite anyone.

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