It's something we see way too often in Texas. Stray dogs. Just about every small to midsize to large city in Texas has a problem with stray dogs. During severe weather season the problem the problem gets worse because of blow down fences and dogs that get scared.

There is also the problem of course with people who just dump their dog on the side of the road or out in a rural area and leave them. Personally, I don't know how anyone could do this to their pet, but it happens all the time.

The good news for many of these stray dogs is that there are people who are willing to take them in. That way the stray isn't hit by a car or attacked by other animals.

If you find a stray dog, or if they find you, how long before the stray dog becomes your dog in the eyes of Texas or at least according to the law?

How Long Until A Stray Dog Is Legally Yours In Texas?

This may surprise you, but this really isn't covered by state law. According to, these rules vary from city to city. But it appears as though 3 days is the magic number for many cities. You see, dogs are considered property according to the site and as long as you attempt to find the owner, in any reasonable way, then you should be fine.

The legal expectation in Texas is to take reasonable steps to identify the dog’s owner. This could involve reporting the found dog to local animal control services or shelters. The aim is to ensure that the dog is either reunited with its owner or properly cared for until the owner is found.

After 3-5 days most cities would consider property abandoned, and that would mean the same for a dog.

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What Should You Do If You Find A Stray Dog?

If you find a stray dog, one of the best things to do is contact either the animal shelter or a local vet. Take the dog to see if they have been chipped. You can also post on social media that you found the dog. The local animal shelter should be able to tell you how long you must wait before the dog is yours

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