A local church has responded to allegations made by a District 1 Lubbock City Council Candidate.

Incumbent Victor Hernandez took 50% of the vote in his District 1 race against opponent Frank Gutierrez in the May 10th Lubbock Option Election.

Afterwards, Gutierrez raised concerns that St. Joseph Catholic Church, an established voting location, was also the church that Victor Hernandez attended regularly.

In a statement released Friday, May 16th, by Reverend Martin Pina, the church said it wished to disenchant any accusations made by Gutierrez, claiming they had been adversely affected.

St. Joseph said that the church is only a voting site because it is located in the center of the Guadalupe neighborhood, and to suggest it is less credible because it is located in a Catholic building is outright bigotry.

Read the full church statement here.