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Code violation fees for the City of Lubbock went up this month.

Officials with the City of Lubbock Code Enforcement Department say one of the top violations in the city is tall weeds.

The code enforcement department inspects neighborhoods and checks for issues relating to zoning, junk or abandoned vehicles, substandard structures, and yard maintenance.

Here's a list of code violations that received increases in price for the 2021-22 year:

  • Fees charged to recover the cost of weed/rubbish abatement practices: $200 (up from $150)
  • Permits issued when a vendor or business wants to have a promotional sale: $350 (up from $145)
  • Fees from collection on weed liens: $200 (up from $150)
  • Fees charged to recover the cost of demolition of structures determined to be sub-standard: $650 (up from $550)
  • Weeds in front yard: $20 (up from $15)
  • Weeds in back yard: $20 (up from $15)
  • Weeds in alley: $30 (up from $25)
  • Weeds in right-of-way: $30 (up from $25)
  • Rubbish alley: $35 (up from $30)
  • Weeds in vacant lot: $40 (up from $30)

As of this time, no reason was given as to why fee increases were enacted.

To request a service from the codes department, click here.

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