Last night's GOP "debate" seemed more like a GOP "Everybody-gang-up-on-Rick-Perry-fest."

The Texas governor was put on the defensive last night by his fellow candidates. He defended everything from his stance on border fences, to his claim that Social Security is one big Ponzi scheme, to his executive order requiring pre-teen girls to receive a HPV vaccination. Some attacks he was able to handle, but a few left him completely flummoxed. Since Perry was the favorite and front runner coming into the debate, it only makes sense that everybody would go after him. Perry's gonna have to learn how to handle multiple attacks if he wants to regain points with me.

Mitt Romney was in rare form last night, showcasing his abilities as a debator. His back-and-forth with Perry about social security was a major highlight from the debate, and Perry remained a favorite target of his throughout the debate. Michelle Bachmann also made a slight comeback, her attack on Perry's HPV vaccines gaining a lot of support from the crowd. Ron Paul took on his Texas colleague concerning taxes in their home state. Even Rick Santorum got one in on the "Rick Perry attacks."

For more on last night's debate, check out the recap at All things said and done, Perry is still one of the front-runners, along with Romney. I still believe that in the end, it'll still come down to these two men. But after the beating Perry received last night, it's unclear who's going to come out on top.

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