On Texas Primary Run-off Election day, May 27th, Republican Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, Wayne Christian, had an exclusive interview on the Chad Hasty Show to discuss his campaign.

On the show, Hasty and Christian discussed the priorities of the Railroad Commission and how it is an important race since it deals so closely with the economy. Hasty also asked Christian why he believes he is in a better position to be Railroad Commissioner than his opponent, Ryan Sitton.

"I have experience doing what the job requires. . . . it requires somebody to look over the oil and gas industry and represent the citizens and have direct oversight to make sure the citizens are protected. . . and that the industry itself can continue to do what it always has done, which is create jobs, oil, gas, and coal, in Texas. . . . We don't need somebody like my opponent that needs a learning curve to learn the job. It's too important." -Wayne Christian-

Christian said he has extensive experience after working more than fourteen years in the Texas legislature. And since money is derived directly from the legislature. He claims his friends throughout the legislature would allow him to step into the position of Railroad Commissioner with experience.

Chad raised questions about Ryan Sitton's claim that his experience as an engineer makes him more qualified than Christian. In response, Christian voiced his concerns that Sitton's experience as an engineer would actually be detrimental if he were elected.

"In Texas, we believe in the free market capital system, where the industry goes out there and develops the new ways of doing things. . . If you have somebody of the profession that is there, they have a tendency to tell the free market industry what to do. . . . which is not true free market." -Wayne Christian-

On why he believes he deserves the people's vote, Christian said that he's the only real candidate with experience in overseeing a state agency. He said it is vital that Texas remain independent from the federal government, and the best way to do that is to keep the economy strong.

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Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commissioner
Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian's opponent, Ryan Sitton, also appeared on the Chad Hasty Show to discuss his own campaign for the election and to respond to comments made by Christian earlier in the show.

Hasty noted that Christian had said engineering experience was not necessary to be a good Texas Railroad Commissioner. Sitton was not surprised by the comment, and responded by saying,

"The industry is seeing a growth rate that we have not seen in literally a hundred years, and at the same time we are seeing really big advances in technology in the industry that has enabled that to happen. . . . So we are faced with new technical challenges today as a regulatory group that we haven't seen in modern history, so not only is it a good idea to have somebody qualified for the job- right now, with the opportunities in front of our state to really drive towards energy independence, that expertise is needed more than it has been in a long, long time." -Ryan Sittion-

He said that the state of Texas and the United States could possibly retake a position as a global leader of energy production within the next ten to fifteen years, with the oil and gas industry at the forefront.

He also discussed the ways he would operate if elected as Railroad Commissioner. He says that if regulations are sound, then the citizens of Texas can feel secure and proud with the industry as a whole. And as commissioner, he believes that he can advocate for a good state and national energy strategy and create a viable long-term vision on energy.

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